A ministry of faith working itself out in love for and service to Christ.

Our Ministry

Welcome to Faith at Work Ministry, Inc.

"Faith Working in the Details of Your Life."

Faith at Work Ministry, Inc., is a nonprofit 501(c)3 ministry of faith working itself out in love for and service to Jesus Christ. Our purpose is faithful obedience to the Great Commission (Matthew 28:19-20) through the preaching and teaching of the gospel of Jesus Christ to unbelievers and believers alike, to the honor and glory of God. We believe in the power of a deep-seated faith in Christ to transform existence, right down to the nitty-gritty details of daily life.

You are part of the team!

Everything we do at Faith at Work, we do together. Our ministry is a team effort. We are grateful for your prayers and for your financial support, both of which are essential to the continuation of this ministry.

Our ministry is all based on the following absolutes:

  1. The Bible alone teaches everything that is necessary for our salvation and gives complete instruction as to our Christian behavior.
  2. Our salvation is accomplished by the sinless life, substitutionary death, and bodily resurrection of Jesus Christ.  Salvation is in and through Him alone.
  3. The accomplished atoning work of Jesus Christ is applied to the one being saved by the regenerating work of the Holy Spirit, who brings about the faith needed for salvation in the Lord Jesus Christ.  No human effort of any kind produces salvation.  It is by God's grace alone through God-given faith alone in Christ Jesus alone.  Any teaching on salvation which fails to acknowledge such truth is unbiblical at best, heresy at worst.
  4. Because of God's salvation, accomplished solely through the Person and work of Christ, we are bound and blessed to live and give our all for His sake and glory.

Thank you for your ongoing prayers and financial support of this ministry which God has so graciously given us.

Take a minute to meet our Founder and President, W. Carey Hedgpeth

A businessman before God called him to preach, W. Carey Hedgpeth has no trouble getting to the bottom line: “Are you a Christian?. Around this basic question Carey has built a successful evangelistic revival ministry.

A daily practitioner of personal evangelism, Carey has served as pastor of two Southern Baptist churches in South Carolina, as well as spearheaded revival movements at churches all over the country with his message “God's Call to Revival.” But his greatest passion has been delivering the Good News to the previously unreached through Bible studies designed for people who do not attend church.

Carey’s approach to evangelism is straightforward and honest, backed by his own faith that God is working through his ministry. Carey is not harsh or pushy, but confident that God's Holy Spirit will soon penetrate the hearts of his listeners, and that they will come to know Christ better than ever before. Countless people are discovering a vital relationship with Christ through Carey's Bible studies and preaching.

Carey attended Wake Forest University before graduating from Campbell University with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Business Administration. He received his Master of Divinity degree from Southeastern Baptist Seminary. He and his wife, Betty, live in Greenville, South Carolina and have two grown children.

Our Mission (who we are):

Faith at Work Ministry exists to preach and teach the gospel of Jesus Christ in such a way that people come to understand what it means to follow Jesus in truth, in order that believers would have a deeper and more meaningful walk with Him and that the lost would genuinely experience salvation.

Our Vision (where we are going):

Our vision is to touch the lives of millions of people across North America and the world, both saved and unsaved alike, with the true gospel of Christ and with sound biblical teaching, both of which are so desperately needed on Christian television today. We aim to help our viewers cultivate a daily practice of faith, guiding them through encounters with God, revealed by His Word, that add new purpose and meaning to every detail of believers’ lives.

Our Distinctives (what we value):

We value (1) the sound expositional biblical preaching and teaching of God's Word; (2) the proclamation of the Lordship of Jesus Christ, God's Son; and (3) the spiritual renewal and awakening of God's people, especially as to the "doctrines of grace."



"I thank God for giving us men like you who truly preach and teach the Word of God.  Thank you for your faithful work."

"Your messages are simple and yet powerful.  You are so easy to understand."

"Dr. Carey.  Thank you for your letter and the good booklet you sent.  We have read it and passed it on just as you said to do."

"Carey Hedgpeth, nobody preaches like you.  I am 94 years old and thank God for you."

"Pastor Carey, we keep you in our prayers.  Thank you fo your clear messages.  Please pray for our grandchildren."