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December 27, 2015
The Word of Life - John 1:1-5; 1st John 1:1-4

We cannot speak except what we have seen and heard...and touched.

December 20, 2015
God Came - Luke 2:10-14: John 1:1-4, 14

God was pleased to live in Jesus. That is how He draws us to Himself.

December 13, 2015
Love and Obey - "   1st Corinthians 13:1-13

Love is practical, it shows itself in obedience to the Lord Jesus Christ.

December 6, 2015
Doctrine - Romans 8:9; 1st John 3:24, 4:13

Seven absolute truths Christians must know. 

November 29, 2015
A Call From Jesus - Mark 8:34-38 and Luke 14:25-38

Success or failure is determined by our response to Jesus' Call.  Count the cost, take up your cross and follow Him. 

November 22, 2015
Kingdom of God Living - Ephesians 4:30-32

God has identified you as His own.  Do not bring sorrow to His Holy Spirit by the way you live.

November 15, 2015
Living By God's Spirit and Power - I Thessalonians 5:1-23 

A great lesson on how to live until Jesus comes back.  He is coming back, you know.

November 8, 2015
Jesus Is Coming Back - (Many scriptures)

Those who know Jesus as their Lord and Savior are eagerly waiting to see Him face to face.

November 1, 2015
Paul On How To Be Happy - Acts 26

When a person surrenders his life to the Lord Jesus, he will discover real joy.  

October 25, 2015
Cornelius - Acts 10

God will make sure everyone He has chosen to be saved will hear the Gospel of Jesus and believe.

October 18, 2015
Zacchaeus - (Luke 19:1-10)

The camel is about to go through the eye of the needle...a rich man is about to be saved.

October 11, 2015
Blind Bartimaeus - (Luke 18:35)

Jesus was on His way to Jerusalem to die, but He had time for this man. Why?

October 4, 2015
The Parable of the Responsible - Luke 19:11-28

Our lives are portrayed in this story. Discover yourself.

September 27, 2015
The Gift of Strength - John 15:5, Philippians 4:13

"Without Jesus we are helpless, we can do nothing. With Jesus we can do everything He calls and expects us to do."

September 20, 2015
Saved From What - Luke 16:19-31

"The Word of God is very clear about the reality of pain, suffering and torment in eternity. Hell is real."

September 13, 2015
Eternal Life - John 17:3

"Jesus has the love and power to save you from every sin and ungodly thing.  Trust Him and follow Him.  He is our God."

September 6, 2015
God's Case Against The Church -
Jeremiah 2:1-13       

The church today is in desperate need of "Spirit-led" praying followers of Jesus Christ.

August 30, 2015
Decision Time - John 10:10

Satan has a plan and a purpose for your life.
Jesus has a Plan and a Purpose for your life.
So, what is it going to be?

August 23, 2015
Believe Him or Not - John 18:28-38

If you reject Jesus, it would be better if You had never been born. Wow, that is strong.

August 16, 2015
Preaching The Gospel - II Cor. 4:1-7

The Gospel is a great Treasure and The Lord wants us to share it.  It is our business to do that.

August 9, 2015
Forgiveness and Healing - Isaiah 1: 1-20

God's love tells us He wants to work things out with us and He invites us to reason together with Him about this.

August 2, 2015
The Condition for Reconciliation - 2 Chronicles 7:14

God makes the rules and He demands four things. It really is not that hard to understand.

July 26, 2015
BLESSED WITH GOD - Psalms 25:1-7: Acts 12:24-28

Amazing! God created us in His own image. He wants us to turn to Him and be saved. We can do that only through repentance and surrendering our lives to Jesus, The Lord. I am obsessed with this truth, this way, this life....

July 19, 2015
MY GREATEST NEED - Proverbs 3:5-7

Our greatest need is to know God. Our second greatest need is to know God better. The more we know God, the better we love, trust, obey, and serve Him. But the only way to know God is to know Jesus, the Incarnate God.

July 12, 2015
GOD HELP US - Psalms 37:1-2,9,22

We are living in evil times, evil ways. Our heart aches because the world does not know Jesus.

July 5, 2015
THE MAN WHO WENT HOME - Luke 15:11-24

This young man had no interest in God, he didn't need God, and he didn't want God. But someone was praying for him. Someone is praying for you.

June 28, 2015
THE NARROW WAY - Matthew 7:13-14

Jesus said there were Two gates, Two ways, Two crowds, Two destinations. Just Two. We need to pay attention to Jesus. He knows what He is talking about. There is no gray area in His teaching. Thought provoking.

June 21, 2015
AT THE CROSS - I Corinthians 1: 23-25

Paul's preaching was centered on what Jesus did for him on the cross. Until a man gets that straight, there is nothing else to say. (I Cor. 2:3; Galatians 6:14). Don't miss this.

June 14, 2015
STRAIGHT TALK - John 10: 27-28

Here is a question of eternal value...can one know for sure they are saved? Yes, and The Bible is very clear about it. But we have to understand Jesus must be our Lord. This message is worthy of your attention, don't miss it.

June 7, 2015
MAKING SURE - 2 Peter 1:1-10

By God's divine love and power, we have been given everything we need to live a Godly (holy) life. But the responsibility is ours. Watch and see...

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